Niffler Santa Christmas Tree sweatshirt

Niffler (XXX) is a very special creature from England. They are the genuine treasure hunters, enjoy the sparkling items, especially gold and silver.

Niffler belonged to the rodent, with a long muzzle and black fur coat. They live in caves about 20 feet underground, and give birth to about 6-8 litters. Each one has a bag on the belly like the kangaroos, which can hold a lot of stuff inside

The nature of the Niffler is always very gentle, even extremely polar and curvy with his master. However, they are ready to destroy the furniture frantically to find the sparkling items that they like.

The name Niffler is probably derived from a local word, "Niffle", which means "stealing". The goblin Gringotts witch nurses Niffler to dig a treasure cave.

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