AUTHENTIC Baby Groot and Toothless dragon shirt

The secret of How To Train Your Dragon is the popular animation series of Dreamwork. The first part released in 2010 tells the story of the village Viking Berk, which is often harassed by fire-breathing dragons to rob cattle. Baby Groot and Toothless dragon shirt One day, the young Hiccup weakly hit the fastest and most frightening dragon - Night Fury - made it hurt in the tail and could not fly. However, when closer, Hiccup realized the dragon was not as scary as he thought. Hiccup gradually became close to the dragon - he named Toothless (Dog Tooth), and they had many exciting adventures together.

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Baby Groot and Toothless dragon shirt

After part one and two, Toothless and Hiccup have now become leaders of the village of Berk, while the village itself has become a paradise for countless dragons living smoothly with humans. However Toothless is still unable to avoid loneliness, since it is the only dragon of the Night Fury species left in this area.

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